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Proprietary technology

Combined heat and power system (CHPS)

ReGen8’s technology converts waste hydrocarbons such as oils, methane, paraffin, or waste fuels into usable electricity and heating while the employment of carbon capture technology makes the process carbon neutral. ReGen8’s systems consist of an external combustion engine or thermoelectric generator and carbon capture technology.

External combustion engine system

Waste oil and other liquid hydrocarbons are pumped from a holding tank into our system, where it is preheated and then atomized in a burner. Deionized water circulates through the tubing, absorbing the heat to become dry steam which is then directed to the engine, rotating a crankshaft to an electrical generator.

Thermoelectric generator system

The hot oil flows across one side of the Peltier modules. A cool water mixture flows across the opposite side, producing an electrical charge. Modules are combined into a "power brick" as a heat exchanger cools oil and vents hot air that can be used for space or water heating. Gaseous fuels are combusted through a uniquely designed tower-shaped combustion chamber.