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Peltier Assembly
ReGen8 Energy
green power

CO2-Neutral Power Generation

ReGen8 Energy uses patented technology to generate usable heat and electricity from used oil, methane, ethers, paraffin, and other zero carbon footprint fuels to produce electric power. This process protects the environment, qualifies for carbon credits, and benefits the environment while producing profits.

“First and foremost, energy efficiency is a major lever for reducing CO2 emissions along all parts of the energy chain – from the production of resources all the way to final consumption.”

                                                    — Joe Kaeser



The driving mission behind ReGen8 Energy is to regenerate energy from waste hydrocarbons with our patented carbon-neutral technology for the benefit of the environment and global communities. 


ReGen8 Energy’s carbon-neutral process that captures and repurposes CO2 is our vision. By managing CO2 byproducts, we will protect the environment and generate revenue streams through this and carbon credits.


Tom Thillen
Chairman of the Board
Thomas V. Thillen has over 35 years in design, construction, and program management. Mr. Thillen has developed four startup companies including one that designed and constructed auto service centers. Observing the amount of used oil produced from these facilities, led him to form Phoenix Power Group, LLC for the purpose of developing and manufacturing technology that could utilize the used oil in an environmentally friendly way to produce electricity. With the addition of CO2 capture technology, Phoenix was restructured into RenGen8 Energy, Inc. to better meet the needs of today’s environment. 

Nigel Bosworth
Chief Executive Officer
Running an environmental land reclamation company in Scotland for 22 years, Nigel Bosworth gained vast knowledge in pollution migration and cleanup among various other skills. After close to two decades cleaning up pollution that had migrated from original sources, Mr. Bosworth decided that it was time to take care of the problem at the point source. Mr. Bosworth has been able to synergize complementary technologies with the ability to dramatically reduce the ESG footprint and more than double the profit margins for his investors, utilizing carbon credits and additional energy efficiency of the units.