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ReGen8 Energy Advantages

The ReGen8 Energy Combined Heat and Power System (CHPS) is equipped to operate on combustible liquids and gases such as POLs, methane, natural gas, alcohols, and ethers. In most cases, the fuel is a waste byproduct of facility operations and, therefore, is essentially free. The main benefits include combustible byproduct disposal and associated cost savings, area and process heating, electrical power and recovered CO2 products

Free and low-cost fuels

Instead of having the waste byproduct material hauled off, it can be recycled in our CHPS, eliminating the cost of collection and disposal fees. These can be substantial if the material is considered hazardous once it leaves the premises.

Eliminates disposal costs

We use our patented combustion chamber completely recycling the fuel, minimizing harmful emissions in the atmosphere. In addition, it prevents the possibility of the byproducts from contaminating the groundwater.

Indoor or outdoor operation

The ReGen8 Energy (CHPS) S or C systems may be custom ordered for indoor operation (6’L x 3’W x 8’H) or in an outdoor enclosure (20’L x 8’W x 8.5’H) for your specific facility needs. Our flexible options accommodate small, medium, and large scenarios.

Environmentally friendly

Cradle-to-grave liability and insurance costs associated with waste disposal are eliminated due to the fact that all of the used or unused fuels are recycled in our CHPS. No need to have it disposed of in landfills or transported off site by 3rd party collectors.

Eliminate liability

Unlike common waste oil heaters, our solutions can operate in regions with warmer climates producing electrical power plus ambient heat as required, the system has much more flexibility in how it is used. And unlike wind or solar power, customers are not restricted by the lack of wind or sunshine.

Year-round operation

The ReGen8 Energy CHPS is designed to produce electricity that can be used year-round to minimize demand on the existing power grid. This reduces the need to purchase expensive electricity while providing usable process heat.